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I started my journey towards becoming a counsellor as a foster carer.  I could not understand why my foster children actively fought against the love and care I wanted to give them.  So I did an Open University Degree to look at what is normal development in a child and then what happens when they are traumatised.  Things that fascinated me were attachment theory and how the brain develops when deprived off love (specifically the case study of Romanian children left without love or even the most basic forms of caring in orphanages).  Having achieved as BSc Degree I moved on to a counselling Diploma with CPCAB which being Integrative, encompassed lots of different types of the therapy.  The main ones were Person Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT.  Psychodynamic was of particular interest as it looks at how trauma and the messages we receive from adults in our childhood continue to impact us as adults.  I wanted to help heal that traumatised child trapped in the adult of today.

I have worked over the years with many children as a foster carer and also as a child therapist in a school in the Wirral.  I have also worked with adults as a counsellor ranging in age from 18 to those in their 70's