Understanding, empathetic, challenging, very caring. Great counsellor. Helped me loads. Its been a long path that brought me to her door. Sonja helped me realise that I view my past - not accurately. 

KH 1/12/2020

 I feel I dont have the spare time whilst in this job, which is very frustrating. Hopefully I can start again soon. I really liked my counsellor so hopefully I would be able to have her? - Whilst working for Harmony St. Helens July 2021 

M - July 2021

 Feedback from a child 10 whilst working for Places2Be in the Wirral. Can you tell me about your experience of coming to counselling - It quite great - made me feel better. How have things changed for you - I have been less angry and getting along better with mum. Can you tell me about you experience of coming to counselling - Enjoyed all of it. 

10 year old 27/4/21

 Hi Sonja ..... I feel our sessions have helped me to find a good perspective of a few of the issues I have struggling with, and I am going to work on maintaining that focus and taking a few steps in a slightly new direction. I will probably be back .... and hope I can request .. you again. 

C - 7/9/23